Zhang Lei


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Zhang Lei, male, associate researcher, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), No. 26 Baiwanzhuang Road, Beijing, 100037, P. R. China, Zip code: 100037

Tel: 010-68999677

Education Experience

  • 2001/09–2005/07,  Bachelor of Geology, Peking University
  • 2005/09–2010/07,  PhD of Geology, Peking University 

Professional Experience

2010/07-2014/12,  assistant research fellow of the Institute of Geology, CAGS

2015/01-present,  associate researcher of the Institute of Geology, CAGS

Research interests

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

  1. Study on the Temporal–Spatial evolution and tectonic setting of granites of major orogenic belts in China and Asia, awarded the first provincial-level prize of natural science by the Ministry of Land and Mineral resources 

Scientific Research Projects

  1. Second-level Geological Survey Project (Grant No. DD20160123): Major magma event survey and magmatic rock pilot mapping of Phanerozoic eon, 2016/01–2018/12.(host)
  2. Geological Survey Project (Grant No. 12120113094000): Temporal–Spatial evolution framework of Phanerozoic granites from major metallogenic zones, northern China, 2013/01–2015/12.(host)
  3. Geological Survey Project (Grant No. 1212011120135):  Research on several issues in Mesozoic granites, Asia, and related maps compilation, 2011/01–2012/12.(host)
  4. NSFC Youth Fund Project (Grant No. 41102032):  Research on genesis and mantle source characteristics of the Cenozoic basalts in Shuangyashan, Heilongjiang province, 2012/01–2014/12.(host)


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