Reasearch Divisions

Division of Regional Geology and Mapping

Division of Regional Geology and Mapping:To carry out global, intercontinental, national, regional, comprehensive and professional geological map preparation and updating and comprehensive research on major regional geological research. To carry out national small-scale geological mapping technical standards and norms of research. To carry out spatial data construction of integrated geological maps and service product development; regional geological survey and geological mapping demonstration research, application and promotion of new methods.

Division of Tectonics

Division of Structural Geology:To carry out study on tectonics of China and global tectonics, regional tectonics and mineralization background, orogenic and basin and energy tectonic background. To solve major structural problems at home and abroad, geodynamic problems and its resource environment tectonic background. To implement preparation of regional, national, intercontinental, global and thematic structural geological map. To explore and summarize the method of tectonic geological mapping in complex areas.

Division of Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Division of Stratigraphy and Paleontology:To carry out the study on stratigraphic dating and biological origin and evolution, to solve the key geological stratigraphy and paleontological problems arising in geological investigation. To undertake the biological fossil database construction work. To carry out basic research on the early evolution of life, biological replacement and geological environment change, important stratigraphic dating and so on, and to develop the basic theories of stratigraphy and paleontology. To explore and summarize the terrestrial and marine geological mapping method.

Division of Metamorphic Rocks and Precambrian Geology

Division of Metamorphic Rocks and Precambrian Geology:To conduct regional geological survey and basic theoretical innovative research on precambrian geology, metamorphic fluid and metamorphism, high pressure and ultrahigh pressure metamorphism, crustal deep melting and granite origin, orogenic belt and regional metamorphic petrology, metamorphic structure, metamorphic mineral Research. To explore and summarize metamorphic rock geological mapping method.

Division of Igneous Rocks

Division of Igneous Rocks:To conduct the study on ophiolite and high pressure and UHP metamorphic rocks, pyrolite and deep pyrolite minerals (pyrolite ultrahigh pressure minerals), granite and its mineralization (granite and mineralization, granite and tectonics) in plate boundary and orogenic belt. To implement innovative research on geological survey and basic theory of cenozoic volcanic rocks and its inclusion regions. To explore and summarize intrusive rock and volcanic rock mapping method.

Laboratory of Continental Dynamics

Division of Continental Dynamics:To carry out the multidisciplinary research on the composition, structure, behavior, dynamic evolution and deep drive mechanism of continental materials, to explore and solve major scientific issues related to China (Asia) continental tectonics and dynamics and develop the theoretical system of continental dynamics. To carry out the research on activity structure, tectonic geomorphology, seismic geology, geological disasters and dynamic process. To conduct research and development of geophysical methods on oil and gas, shale gas, potassium and other energy resources. To explore and summarize geological science and technology gallery mapping method.

Laboratory of Isotope Geology

Laboratory of Isotope Geology:To conduct basic research on isotope geology (isotopic geochronology and isotope geochemistry), research and development of test methods and development of reference materials and applied research on related basic geology, resources, environment and ecology.

Lithosphere Research Center

Lithosphere Research Center:To carry out deep geological exploration and research such geophysics as electromagnetics, gravity, magnetics, and geothermics. To undertake the deep tectonic exploration and geodynamics of the lithosphere in the continental and the sea of China. To conduct the research on the formation and deep occurrence process of energies and resources (oil and gas, metal, and non-metallic minerals) and geological disaster deep process. To undertake research and development on deep exploration theory and technology, data processing technology and imaging technology and comprehensive interpretation technology of structural geophysics.

Beijing SHRIMP Center

BeijingSHRIMP Center:To carry out study on new technologies and methods of geochronology and cosmological chronology and related dating. To carry out the research on rare earth geochemistry of mineral micro-area, solar system, the formation of the earth and earth science and timing problems like its early history. To carry out the research on tectonic evolution of orogenic belt, geological age representative and large-scale and special deposit mineralization age and research and development of related instrument.

Mineral and Energy Resources Center

Mineral and Energy Resources Center:To conduct the investigation on oil and gas and solid mineral resources and research on basic geology of strategic constituency and major key scientific issues. To carry out basic investigation and research on geological background and effect of mineralization, basin evolution and oil and gas resources. To explore and summarize survey and mapping method of sedimentary basin areas.

Three-dimensional Geological Survey and Research Center

Three-dimensional Geological Survey and Research Center:To conduct integrated and comprehensive research on 3D grid structure of plate tectonics, regional and thematic 3D geological survey results. To take charge the construction, management and sharing of 3D geological database, and undertake the work of publishing geological big data in 3D geology and geology.

Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project Long-Term Observatory

Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project Long-Term Observatory:To undertake the long-term observation and recording work of geophysical parameters of Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project. To conduct research on crustal activity monitoring in East China. To undertake the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge of Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project.

Journal Editorial Department

Journal Editorial Department:To undertake the editing, publishing and distribution of Rock Mineralogy.

Library and Reference Room

Library and Reference Room:Responsible for the management over materials, books, periodicals and magazines of the project. To undertake the work of assisting the project team in the acquisition of geological formations and geological maps, and the collection and submission of original data and achievements.