Administrative Department

General Office

General Office:Responsible for organization and coordination of the daily work. It includes organizing the preparation and implementation of the annua..

Financial Department

Financial Department:Responsible for the budget, finance, assets, comprehensive statistics, government procurement and other management work. To under..

Personnel and Education Department

Personnel and Education Department (Security and Production Management Department):Responsible for the cadres, organization and personnel, wages, educ..

Party Committee Office

Party Committee Office:Responsible for the party-masses work of the Institute, and assuem the daily work of the party committee. To undertake the part..

Service and Security Department

Service and Security Department:Responsible for the equipment management, basic construction and comprehensive management of the Institute. Responsibl..

Science and Technology Department

Science and Technology Department:Responsible for the organization of the preparation and implementation of the geological survey and scientific and t..

Supervising and Auditing Department

Supervising and Auditing Department:Responsible for supervising and auditing. To assume the daily work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Re..

Experiment and Administration Department

Experiment and Administration Department:To organize the preparation of development plans of laboratories and field laboratories to organize demonstra..