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Administrative Department

General Office

General Office:Responsible for organization and coordination of the daily work. It includes organizing the preparation and implementation of the annual work plan of the Institute; taking charge the secretarial, conference organizations, news and publicity, government information, integrated files, petition, confidentiality, and hospitality services.

Financial Department

Financial Department:Responsible for the budget, finance, assets, comprehensive statistics, government procurement and other management work. To undertake the annual budget preparation and implementation, accounting, final accounts and fixed assets (value form), and foreign investment management of the Institute; to assume the comprehensive statistical work of the Institute; to guide and supervise the financial and asset management. Responsible for the government procurement organization and management of the Institute.

Personnel and Education Department

Personnel and Education Department (Security and Production Management Department):Responsible for the cadres, organization and personnel, wages, education and training, safe production, and retirement of the Institute. To undertake the cadre management, staff deployment, personnel construction, education and training (graduate education), labor employment, technical titles, assessment, reward and punishment, wages and benefits and insurance, personnel files and other management of the Institute. Responsible for the development and implementation of the management work of safe production and to assume the working plan development, implementation, supervision and inspection and safe production management of the Institute in order to ensure the operation and management of the system.

Party Committee Office

Party Committee Office:Responsible for the party-masses work of the Institute, and assuem the daily work of the party committee. To undertake the party building, spiritual civilization construction and united front, trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women and other aspects of the work.

Service and Security Department

Service and Security Department:Responsible for the equipment management, basic construction and comprehensive management of the Institute. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of the equipment renovation plan of the Institute; to assume the condition construction, fixed asset management (physical form) and government procurement of the Institute; responsible for the comprehensive management and supervision and inspection, and hidden rectification of the Institute.

Science and Technology Department

Science and Technology Department:Responsible for the organization of the preparation and implementation of the geological survey and scientific and technological development program and plan. To organize the preparation of major scientific issues related to geological survey and scientific and technological research projects, and goals and proposals regarding key technology public innovation. To organize the reporting, deployment and implementation of the geological survey and scientific and technological research projects undertaken by the Institute. To organize and carry out geological survey and scientific and technological research projects, quality and achievements data management. To undertake the bidding of external commissioned business, and entrust external units to undertake project supervision. To undertake achievement appraisal, acceptance, declaration, reward and achievement transformation, intellectual property protection of geological survey and scientific and technological research project. Responsible for the construction and management of disciplines and business centers of the Institute. Responsible for foreign affairs and organizing international exchanges and cooperation and overseas geological work. To undertake the communication, coordination and service work of geological survey plans, projects and programs and other major scientific and technological projects. Responsible for dissemination of science work.

Supervising and Auditing Department

Supervising and Auditing Department:Responsible for supervising and auditing. To assume the daily work of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Responsible for promoting the anti-corruption plans Party Leadership Group of the Bureau and the Party Committee of the Institute to implement anti-corruption deployment, study and formulate working plans and specific measures, and organize the implementation. Responsible for formulating rules and regulations for the disciplinary inspection, administrative supervision and internal audit of the Institute, and of supervising and inspecting the implementation. To take charge of the construction of clean government responsibility system assessment of the Institute. Responsible for violation of discipline and petition reports and cases investigation and handling. Responsible for organizing the implementation of internal audit work. Responsible for organizing the supervision and inspection over Party Leadership Group of the Bureau and the Institute on major decision-making issues.

Experiment and Administration Department

Experiment and Administration Department:To organize the preparation of development plans of laboratories and field laboratories to organize demonstration and acceptance work of related projects like laboratory construction, and maintenance. Responsible for operation management of laboratories and field experiment observation base. Responsible for the organization of laboratories opening to the outside world, cooperation and social services work. To organize the implementation of laboratory evaluation of the use of benefits.