IGEO Introduction

Published Time:December 12, 2016

The Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), was formally established in April 1956 but can be historically traced back to the former Central Geological Survey as early as the 1910s. As a national public scientific research institution, the Institute of Geology is an integral part of the national scientific and technological innovation system, providing technological support for national geoscientific research and investigation of geology and mineral resources. The Institute is mainly engaged in national, fundamental, public, and strategic geoscientific frontier research and basic geological survey. It is one of the important national research bases in the solid earth sciences, the application of earth science-related technologies, and the education of young geoscientists. 

Since its establishment in the 1950s, the Institute has made considerable contributions to national economic growth by providing scientific and technological advice to major issues of social relevance such as resources, environmental protection, and large-scale construction projects. The Institute has also won recognition in theoretical advances in the geosciences by means of basic research in frontier disciplines. In the Institute, 18 geoscientists, such as HUANG Jiqing, XIE Jiarong, SUN Yunzhu, CHENG Yuqi, LI Chunyu, etc., were elected Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). With its competitive research team and remarkable scientific achievements, the Institute strives to enhance its domestic and international status in the geoscientific community.

The Institute currently has 254 staff, including 6 Academicians, 58 Research Fellows, and 58 Associate Research Fellows. 152 researchers earned their doctoral degrees, and 18 earned their master degrees. Amongst the Senior Researchers there are 90 advisers of doctoral candidates and 4 advisers of master candidates.

By the end of 2015, the Institute had won 162 science and technology awards at national, provincial and ministerial levels, among which were 24 prizes of the National Science Conference Award, 11 prizes of the National Natural Science Award and the National Science and Technology Progress Award (2 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 1 fourth prize), 127 prizes of the Science and Technology Progress Award at the Provincial and Ministerial levels (14 first prizes, 43 second prizes, 56 third prizes and 14 fourth prizes). More than 3250 research papers and 122 monographs were published since 1981. Since 1991, 4 researchers of the Institute have won the Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievement or the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, 7 researchers have won the J. S. Lee Honorary Prize for Geosciences, and 5 researchers have won the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Distinguished Young Scholars.