Liu Yong


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Liu Yong, female, assistant research fellow, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geologi­cal Sciences (CAGS), No. 26 Baiwanzhuang Street, Beijing, P. R. China, Zip code: 100037

Tel010-68999712, E-mail:  

Education Experience

  • 2005/09~2008/07China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Department of Geology, petrology, Master.
  • 2008/09~2011/07,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, regional geology, Doctor.

Professional Experience

2011/07~Now, Assistant research fellow, Institute of Geology, CAGS

Research interests

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects

  1. RNSFC project: 41302045, Geochemistry of the Mesozoic basic rocks and interfaces conversion of asthenosphere in Hunan-Jiangxi Province, 2014/1-2016/12(host)
  2. CAGS Research Fund: (J1322), Lithospheric Thickness variation in Hunan Jiangxi Province 2014/1-2016/12(host)
  3. China geological survey: 121201102000150012, Comprehensive integration of national geological and regional geological survey,2016/1-2018/12(host)
  4. China geological survey, DD20161612,International comprehensive map in Central-East Asia,2016/1-2018/12(participant)


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  2. Liu Yong, Li Tingdong, Xiao Qinghui, Geng Shufang, Wang Tao, Chen Bihe. 2012. Formation epoch and origin of the Yizhang andesite, diabase and granite-porphyry in Yizhang County, southern Hunan Province: Zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotopes. Geological Bulletin of China, 31(9): 1363-1378
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