Pang Jianfeng


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Pang Jianfeng, male, associate researcher, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), No.26 Baiwanzhuang Road, Beijing, P. R. China, Zip code: 100037

Tel: 010-68994825, E-mail:

Education Experience

  • 2001/09—2005/06,  geographic information system, School of the Earth Sciences and Resources, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Bachelor
  • 2005/07—present  assistant research fellow, Regional Geology and Map Compilation Division, Institute of Geology, CAGS

Professional Experience

Research interests

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects

  1. Host and participant of ten projects/programs, including the National Land and Resources Investigation Program, basic S&T special projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, CAGS Research Fund projects, etc.; participant of the spatial database construction of 1:1 M scale Geological Map of the People’s Republic of China. Additionally, I revised five 1:1M scale mapsheets, including Khotan, Qiemo, Golmud, Xining and Lanzhou, participated in map compilation and database construction of special subjects, such as stratigraphy, structure, geographic map and database of the Project Geological Structural Division Integrated Research and Regional Geological Survey Comprehensive Integration of China, and independently developed the geographical/geological map checking system of geological memoirs, 1:1M geological map data checking system of China, auxiliary system for automatic mapping of 1:1 M geological map database, etc.