Chunyan Dong


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Dr. Chunyan Dong


Address: Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

No.26 Baiwanzhuang Road,

Xicheng District, Beijing100037, P.R. China


Office phone: 010-68999761

Education Experience

  • 06/2003–09/2006, Doctor, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Jilin University 

  • 06/2000–09/2003, Master, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Jilin University 

  • 06/1996–09/2000, Bachelor, Faculty of Applied Science, Jilin University

Professional Experience

01/2011– present, associate researcher, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences 

01/2009–12/2010, research assistant, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences 

07/2006–12/2008, postdoctor, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences 

Research interests

  • Early Precambrian geology

  • Zircons SHRIMP chronology in North China Craton

  • Deeper understanding of Daqingshan Region, Inner Mongolia, North China Craton

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects

  1. one NSFC general project

  2. one MOST special reseach project

  3. one eological survey project as a deputy director

  4. two NSFC general projects as a key scientific researcher 


  •      Pulishing 30 academic papers, in 11 of which Dong serves as the first author or corresponding author (*corresponding author) and 8 of which have been adopted by SCI.

           (1) Zhang Lin, Dong Chunyan*, Liu Shoujie, Bai Wenqian, Ren Peng, Wan Yusheng. Early Precambrian Magmatism and Metamorphism in Ural Mountain Area, North China Craton: SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Dating and Rock Geochemical Study, Geological Review, 62(6), pp 1419-1438, 2016.

           (2) Dong Chunyan, Wan Yusheng, Long Tao, Zhang Yuhai, Liu Jianhui, Ma Mingzhu, Xie Hangqiang, Liu Dunyi. Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Zircons from Paleoproterozoic Metasedimentary Rocks in the Daqingshan-Jining Area, North China Craton: In Situ SHRIMP Analysis, Acta Petrologica Sinica, 32(03), pp 659-681, 2016.

           (3) Dong Chunyan, Wan Yusheng, Wilde Simon A, Xu Zhongyuan, Ma Mingzhu, Xie Hangqiang, Liu Dunyi. Earliest Paleoproterozoic supracrustal rocks in the North China Craton recognized from the Daqingshan area of the Khondalite Belt: Constraints on craton evolution, Gondwana Research, 25, 1535-1553, 2014.

           (4) Dong ChunYan, Wan YuSheng, Xu ZhongYuan, Liu DunYi. SHRIMP zircon U-Pb dating of late Paleoproterozoic kondalites in the Daqing Mountains area on the North China Craton, SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences, 56(1), pp 115-125, 2013. 

           (5) Dong Chunyan, Wan Yusheng, Zhang Yuhai, Yang Zhiqing, Liu Dunyi. 2013.3.3~3.1 Ga Magmatism Recorded in an Outcrop of the Complex in the Anshan Area, North China Craton: Evidence from Geochemistry and Zircon Dating, Acta Petrologica Sinica, 29(2) , pp 414-420, 2013.

           (6) Dong Chunyan, Ma Mingzhu, Liu Shoujie, Xie Hangqiang,Liu Dunyi, Li Xuemei, Wan Yusheng. Middle Paleoproterozoic Crustal Extensional Regime in the North China Craton: New Evidence from SHRIMP Zircon U-Pb Dating and Whole-rock Geochemistry of Meta-Gabbro in the Anshan-Gongchangling Area, Acta Petrologica Sinica, 28(9), pp 2785-2792, 2012.

           (7) Dong Chunyan, Wang Shijin, Liu Dunyi, Wang Jinguang, Xie Hangqiang, Wang Wei, Song Zhiyong, Wan Yusheng. Late Palaeoproterozoic Crustal Evolution of the North China Craton and Formation Time of the Jingshan Group: Constraints from SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Dating of Meta-intermediate-basic Intrusive Rocks in Eastern Shandong Province, Acta Petrologica Sinica, 26(6) , pp1699-1706, 2011.

           (8) Dong ChunYan, Li Cai, Wan YuSheng, Wang Wei, Wu YanWang, Xie HangQiang, Liu DunYi. Detrital zircon age model of Ordovician Wenquan quartzite south of Lungmuco-Shuanghu Suture in the Qiangtang area, Tibet: Constraint on tectonic affinity and source regions, SCIENCE CHINA-EARTH SCIENCES, 54(7), pp 1034-1042, 2011.

           (9) Dong Chunyan, Liu Dunyi, Wan Yusheng, Xu Zhongyuan, Wang Wei, Xie Hangqiang. Hf Isotope Composition and REE Patter of Zirons from Early Precambrian Metamorphic Rocks in the Daqing Mountains, Inner Mongolia, Geological Review, 55(04), pp 509-520, 2009.

           (10) Dong Chunyan, Liu Dunyi, Wan Yusheng, Xu Zhongyuan, Liu Zhenghong, Yang Zhensheng. Crustally Derived Carbonatite from the Daqingshan Area Zircon Features and SHRIMP Dating, Geological Journal, 55(4), pp 509-520, 2009.

    (11) DVong ChunYan, Liu DunYi, Li JunJian, Wan YuSheng, Zhou HongYing, Li ChengDong, Yang YueHeng, Xie LieWen. Palaeoproterozoic Khondalite Belt in the western North China Craton: New evidence from SHRIMP dating and Hf isotope composition of zircons from metamorphic rocks in the Bayan Ul-Helan Mountains area, CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN, 52(21), 2984-2994, 2007.

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