Wang Yanbin


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Wang Yanbin

Address: Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China


Tel: 010-68999763

Education Experience

  • 2002  Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Mineralogy, Petrology and Ore deposit.; Ph.D.
  • 1990  Changchun College of Geology, Geochemistry.; Master
  • 1987  Changchun College of Geology, Geochemistry,.; Bachelor

Professional Experience

2000 – now  Institute of Geology, CAGS.; Research Professor

2005 – 2005  Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University.; Visiting scholar 

1995 – 2000  Institute of Geology, CAGS.; Associate Professor 

1990 – 1995  Institute of Geology, CAGS.; Assistant Professor 

Research interests

Antarctic geology and and crustal evolution


Using geochemical data to date the ages of igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and ore deposits, to trace their sources and petrogenetic and metallogenic processes, and to constrain the tectonics and geodynamics of magmatism, metamorphism and mineralization.

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects



       Yang Deting, Wang Yanbin, 2015, Detrital Zircon LA-MC-ICP-MS U-Pb Age and Provenance Characteristics of Ore-hosting Rocks in Yangla copper deposit, Northwestern Yunnan, Geological Review, 61(3): 694-708 (In Chinese with English abstract). 

       WANG, Y., YANG, D., HAN, J., L., W., YAO, J. & LIU, D. M. 2015 Discussion of“The TriassicU–Pb age for the aquatic long-necked protorosaur of Guizhou, China“.   Geological Magazine. doi:10.1017/S0016756814000624.:152(3):574-574. Cambridge University Press


       Wang Yanbin, Yang Deting, Hanjuan, Wang Liting, Yao Jianxin, Liu Dunyi, 2014, The Triassic U–Pb age for the aquatic long-necked protorosaur of Guizhou, China, Geological magazine. doi:10.1017/S001675681400003X. 151(4): 749-754.

       Qiao Xiufu, Wang Yanbin, 2014, Discussions on the lower boundary age of the Mesoproterozoic and basin tectonic evolution of the Mesoproterozoic in North China Craton, Acta Geological Sinica, 88 (9): 1623-1637 (In Chinese with English abstract).


       Wang Yanbin, Liu Dunyi, Chung Sun-lin, Tong Laixi, Ren Liudong, 2008, SHRIMP zircon age constraints from the Larsemann Hills region, Prydz Bay, for a late  Mesoproterozoic to early Nepproterozoic tectono-thermal event in East Antarctica, American Journal of Science, 38(4): 573-617.

2007 Wang Yanbin, Tong Laixi, Liu Dunyi, 2007, Zircon U-Pb ages from an ultra-high temperature  metapelites, Rauer Group, east Antarctica: Implications for overprints by Grenvillian and Pan-African event, in Antarctica: A keystone in a Changing World, edited by A.K. Cooper and C. R. Raymond et al., Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.