Fan Runlong


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Fan Runlong

Address: Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China


Tel: 18911755366

Education Experience

  • 2006  College of Instrumentation & Electrical Engineering, Jilin University

Professional Experience

Research interests

  • Mass spectrometry research and application 

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

  1. (1)Correction method of three dimensional sample-stage repeated positioning error,Fan Run-long,Zhang wenhua,Tao Qiang,Zhang yuhai

    (2)Intelligent Vacuum Control System,Fan Runlong, Zheng Ying, Long Tao, Zhang Yuhai

    (3)Remote control system and method for scientific instruments, Fan Runlong, Zhang Wenhua, Tao Qiang, He Wenkui, Zhang Yuhai

    (4)Web based remote sharing system for Instrument,Fan Runlong, Zhang Wenhua,  Zhang Yuhai, Liu Dunyi, Long Tao

    (5)Research and Development of the Web-based LA-ICP-MS Virtual Laboratory,  Experimental Technology and Management, LU Xia, TIAN Di, YAO Li,FAN Run-long , XU Qian

    (6)An Improved Algorithm for Peak Detection in Mass Spectrum Based on Continuous Wavelet transform.International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, Nov.2016,409:53-58.(SCI:000388154600008,If=2.183),Ying Zheng,Runlong Fan (Corresponding author),Chunling Qiua,Zhen Liu,Di Tian.

Scientific Research Projects


  1. 2016

    TOF-SIMS Instrument Control Software basing on the object-oriented of LabVIEW \ [J] Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society 2016-12-28 (EI). Zheng Ying, Fan Runlong* (Corresponding author), Zhang Yuhai, Qiu Chunling, Liu Dunyi, Tian Di .


    A Web~Based Virtual Laboratory for Electron Probe Microanalysis,Computer Applications in Engineering Education,2015,23(4):489-498,XIA LU,DI TIAN,YU-TONG HE,LI YAO,RUN-LONG FAN

    Development of remote network laboratory with X-ray diffractormeter, Experimental Technology and Management, 2015, 32 (6):251~253,Yang Jinhe,Xu qian,Chen Pengfei,Yang Guang,Yao Li,Fan Runlong,Gao Zhongmin,Tian Di


    Zircon image matching method based on description of SIFT feature by LBP,, Journal of Jilin University (Engineering Science Edition), EI 2014,45 (6): 1793~1798, QIU Chun-ling,Tao Qiang,Fan Run-long(Corresponding author),Wang Pei-zhi