Wang Peizhi


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Wang Peizhi

Address: Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China


Tel: 010-56833523

Education Experience

  • 9 / 2012 – 6 / 201Jilin University, majored in Precision instruments and machinery.; Doctor
  • 9 / 2009 – 6 / 2012 Jilin University, majored in Measurement technology and instruments.; Master
  • 9 / 2004 – 6 / 200Jilin University, majored in Measurement& Control Technology and Instrument.; Dachelor

Professional Experience

6 / 2016 – present Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing Shrimp Center.; Research assistant

Research interests

  • Development and application of mass spectrometer

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects

National major scientific instrument development project, 2011YQ050069, Geological Isotope Dedicated TOF-SIMS Scientific Instrument, 2011/11-2017/10, participation


  •       2017

          Wang Peizhi, Tian Di, Long Tao, Li Difei, Qiu Chunling, Liu Dunyi, Automatic focusing algorithm for TOF-SIMS zircon sample image[J]. Journal of Jilin University (Engineering Science Edition). 2017,47(1):308-315.


         Wang Peizhi, Tian Di, Long Tao, Wang Li, Bao Zemin, Qiu Chunling, Liu-Dunyi., Research of Secondary Neutral Particles Spatial Distribution of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer[J]. Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society. 2016,37(3): 222-228.


         Wang Peizhi, Tian Di, Bao Zemin, Long Tao, Zhang Yuhai, Qiu Chunling, Liu-Dunyi. Design of TOF-SIMS Sample Optical Imaging System[J]. Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society. 2015, 36(3): 282-288.

           Bao Zemin, Liu Guangda, Wang Peizhi, Long Tao, Tian Di,Qiu Chunling, Liu Dunyi, Fast Measurement Method of Ion Beam Spot [J]. Journal of Chinese Mass Spectrometry Society. 2015,(3): 274-281

           Long Tao, Bao Zemin, Wang Peizhi, Qi Guochen, Jiang Ruolin, Shi Jian, Zhang Yuhai, Liu Dunyi, Ion detector and mass analyzer for TOF (time of flight) mass spectrometer and ion detection control method, Chinese Inventions,ZL201510038857.7


       Long Tao, Wang Peizhi, Bao Zemin, Zeng Xiaohui, Zhang Yuhai,  TOF-SIMS sample image system and TOF-SIMS,China, CN201320503411.3.

    Long Tao, Bao Zemin, Wang Peizhi, Zeng Xiaohui, Zhang Yuhai, Liu Dunyi, Pulsed ion source, mass spectrometer and method for generating ions, Chinese Inventions,ZL201310461050.5 

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