Zhang Hongrui


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Dr. Zhang Hongrui


Address: Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

No. 26 Baiwanzhuang Road,

Xicheng District, Beijing100037, P.R. China

                     Email: zhanghr@yeah.net

Mobile phone: +86-13581620980

Education Experience

09/2007 – 06/2010 Ph.D. degree

Petro., Miner., Min., Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China

     Supervisor: Prof. Zengqian Hou

09/2004 – 06/2007 Master degree

Structure Geology, Chang’an University, China 

     Supervisor: Prof. Gangfeng Wei

09/2000 – 06/2004 Bachelor Degree

Resource Prospecting Engineering, Chang’an University, China 

Professional Experience

2014– 2015 Visiting scholar James Cook University;

2014 – Research Associate Professor Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

     - Tectonic evolution and metallogeny of the Tethyan metallogenic domain

- Leader of project on metallogeny of Zagros area;

2010 – 2013  Research Assistant Professor Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

 - Structural controls on mineralization 

- Leader of project on Dongmozhazhua Pb-Zn deposit 

Research interests

  • Structural controls on Pb-Zn-Au-Cu mineralization in the Tibetan Plateau

  • Tectonic evolution of the Paleo-Tethys

  •  Metallogeny of collisional orogeny: Himalayan-Tibetan and Zagros-Tethyan orogenic belt 

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

2016 First prize of science and technology progress, Ministry of Land and Resources of China;

2015 First prize of science and technology progress, Ministry of Land and Resources of China;

2014 First prize of geological survey achievement, China Geological Survey;

2013 Youth Scientific and Technological Award,  Institute of Geology, CAGS;

2010 Ten science and technology progress, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences;

Excellent student Award, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences;

2007 Excellent Master Dissertation, Chang’an University;

         Advanced individual in social practice, Chang’an University.

Scientific Research Projects

(1)2016-2020 Tectonic controls on orogenic Au deposits of the Tibetan Platau. Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of China ($200,000);

(2)2016-2018 Comparison of the metallogeny of Sanjiang, Gandese and Zagros orogenic system. Funded by China Geological Survey ($300,000);

(3)2015-2018 Coupling between deformation and fluid flow in the Baiyangping ore-producing hydrothermal system, Sanjiang area. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) ($200,000);

(4)2012-2015 Tectonic Settings and Main Mineral Deposits in the Tethyan Metallogenic Province in Western Asia. Funded by China Geological Survey ($700,000);

(5)2012-2014 Internal structure of reverse fault and its control on the formation of hydrothermal deposits in the shallow crust: A case study from Domozhazhua Pb-Zn deposit, North-central Tibet. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) ($40,000);

(6)2011-2012 Structural controls on carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn mineralization in the Dongmozhazhua deposit, North-central Tibet. Funded by Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Research Institutes ($40,000).


Full Papers:

     1. Hong-Rui Zhang, Tian-Nan Yang, Zeng-Qian Hou, Yu-Cai Song, Ying-Chao Liu, Zhu-Sen Yang, Shi-Hong Tian. 2017. Structural controls on carbonate-hosted Pb–Zn mineralization in the Dongmozhazhua deposit, central Tibet. Ore Geology Reviews, Doi: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2017.02.008.

     2. Hongrui Zhang, Tiannan Yang, Zengqian Hou,Yeke Bian. 2016. Devonian Nb-enriched basalts and andesites of north-central Tibet: Evidence for the early subduction of the Paleo-Tethyan oceanic crust beneath the North Qiangtang Block. Tectonophysics 682, 96-107.

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     8. Zhang Hongrui, Yang Tiannan, Hou Zengqian, Hu Maode, Fan Jinwei, Xue Wanwen, Zhang Yubao. 2015 Internal structure of fault zone and its control on mineralization: Dongmozhazhua Pb-Zn deposit, southern Qinghai Province. Mineral Deposits, 34(2): 261-272 (in Chinese with English abstract).

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Reviewed extended abstracts / abstracts for major meetings

     1. Zhang H, Yang T, Hou Z, Song Y, Liu Y, Wang X, Yang Z, Tian S, Wang Y, Liu Q. 2011. Dissolution-collapse breccias in the Chaqupacha carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit, Central Tibet. 11th SGA Biennial Meeting: Let's Talk Ore Deposits. Antofagasta, Chile. p. 787-789.

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