Zhiming Yang


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Dr. Zhiming Yang


Address: Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

No. 26 Baiwanzhuang Road,

Xicheng District,Beijing100037, P.R. China


Office phone: 010-68999653

Education Experience

  • 09/2005–06/2008, Doctor, Petro., Miner., Min.  Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China

         Supervisor: Prof. Zengqian Hou

  • 09/2002–05/2005, Master, Mineral Prospecting and Exploration,Department of Mineral Resources, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China 

         Supervisor: Prof. Yuling Xie 

Professional Experience

2015, Research Professor

Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China

Leader of project “Deep Structure and Ore-forming process of main porphyry Cu-Mo-Au systems in Tibetan Orogen”, AU$ 2,000,000/ 5 years 

2013–2016, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, EGRU (Economic Geology Research Centre), School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, James Cook University, Australia

2013–2014, Visiting Scholar, EGRU (Economic Geology Research Centre), School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, James Cook University, Australia

-worked on genesis of post-collisional porphyry Cu deposits in collaboration with Zhaoshan Chang

2010-2015 Research Associate Professor, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China

      - Porphyry Cu-Mo deposits

      - Leader of project on Collisional-type porphyry Cu, AU$600, 000 / 4 years

      - Leader of project on Gangdese porphyry Cu belt, AU$154,000 / 5 years

 - Leader of project on Qulong Cu porphyry deposit, AU$130, 000 / 4 years

2009-2010  Visiting Scholar,  CODES, ARC Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits, University of Tasmania, Australia

-worked on genesis of Bilihe Au deposit in collaboration with Zhaoshan Chang

2008-2010  Research Assistant Professor,  Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China

      - Porphyry Cu-Mo, magmatic Au deposits       

      - Leader of project on Narigongma Cu-Mo porphyry belt, AU$77,000 / 5 years

 -Leader of project on Bilihe Au deposit, AU$77, 000 / 3 years 

Research interests

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

2013  Two papers published on Mineral Deposits ranked in TOP1% in the highly-cited Chinese journal papers for 5-year period (2007~2011);

2011  Honored first-class Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Ministry of Land and Resource of China;

2008  The Yuqi Cheng Fellowship “Excellent Doctoral Dissertation”, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences;

2005  USTB 2005 Excellent Master Dissertation,  University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB).

Scientific Research Projects

2015-2018 Genesis of comb quartz layers: case studies from porphyry Cu deposits at Qulong, Tibet and Now Chun, Iran. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (US$150,000);

2015-2016 Metallogenetic law and prospecting target prediction of the Jinchanggouliang Au deposit, Inner Mongolia. Funded by China National Gold Group Corporation (US$97,000);

2015-2018 Geological setting, metallogenesis and further exploration potential for important deposits in central Tethys. Funded by China Geology Survey (US $8,600, 000);

2013-2016 Source of metals and sulfur for post-collisional porphyry Cu deposits: A case study from the Qulong Cu deposit, Tibet. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (US$130,000);

2011-2012 Metallogenetic law and prospecting target prediction of the Bilihe Au deposit, Inner Mongolia. Funded by China National Gold Group Corporation (US$38,500).

2011-2012 Research progress of theory on porphyry and epithermal deposits. Funded by China Geological Survey (US$23,000); 

2010-2013 Metallogenetic law and exploration model of porphyry Cu deposits in non-arc setting. Funded by MSTC (US$600,000);

2010-2012 Enrichment mechanism of gold during magmatic-hydrothermal transition at Bilihe, Inner Mongolia: constraint on genesis of gold-rich porphyry Cu deposits. Funded by NSFC (US$30,000);

2009-2010 Enrichment mechanism of gold during magmatic-hydrothermal process at Bilihe, Inner Mongolia. Funded by MSTC (US$46,000);

2009-2013 Genesis of porphyry Cu deposits in the Yulong-Narigongma belt. Funded by MSTC (US$77,000)


  • Full Papers:

    Papers in English

          1. Yang, Z.M., Goldfarb, R., Chang, Z.S., 2016. Generation of postcollisional porphyry Cu deposits in southern Tibet triggered by subduction of Indian continental plate. Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication 19, p. 279-300.

          2. Lu, Y.J., Loucks, R.R., Fiorentini, M., McCuaig, C.M., Evans, N.J., Yang, Z.M., Hou, Z.Q., Kirkland, C., Avila, L.P., 2016. Zircon chemistry as a pathfinder for porphyry Cu ± Mo ± Au systems. Society of Economic Geologists Special Publication 19, p. 329-347.  

          3. Yang, Z.M., Hou, Z.Q., Chang, Z.S., Li, Q.Y., Liu, Y.F., Qu, H.C., Sun, M.Y., Xu, B., 2016. Cospatial Eocene and Miocene granitoids from the Jiru Cu deposit in Tibet: Petrogenesis and implications for the formation of collisional and postcollisional porphyry Cu systems in continental collision zones: Lithos, v. 245, 243-257.

          4. Yang, Z.M., Chang, Z.S., Paquette, J., White, N.C., Hou, Z.Q., Ge, L.S. 2015. Magmatic Au mineralization at the Bilihe Au deposit, China: Economic Geology, v. 110, p. 1661-1668.

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      Papers in Chinese with English abstract: 

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      Reviewed extended abstracts / abstracts for major meetings

          1. Yang, Z.M., 2013, A preliminary study on geology of the post-collisional porphyry Mo-Cu deposit at Narigongma, Tibet. in 12th SGA Biennial Meeting 2013, Proceedings, volume 3, p. 1483-1486.

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