Meng Fancong


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Fancong Meng (Фаньцун Мэн),male.Institute of Geology Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.Baiwanzhuang Rd.26.Beijing, 100037

Tel: 86-10-68999734


Education Experience

  • 1985-1989:Geological department of Changchun Geological University.
  • 1999:Ph.D., China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Thesis: "Study of genetic mineralogy of Cishan granite and Nanzhangjia gold deposit in Jiaodong gold province".

Professional Experience

1989-1996 Teacher of geological department, Heilongjiang mining University, teach petrology and Mineralogy.

1999-present: Laboratory of Igneous Petrology, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (Beijing), Associate professor (2000), professor (2005).

Research interests

  • Genetic mineralogy; ophiolite, granite and HP-UHP metamorphic rocks in the orogen (East Kunlun, North Qilian, NW, China; Polar Urals, Russia)

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects


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