Division of Metamorphic Rocks and Precambrian Geology

Shen Qihan




Details of the Faculty or Staff

Shen Qihan

Address: Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China

Phone: 010-68999660

Education Experience

  • 1946 Dept. of Geology, Chongqing University, Chongqing China

Professional Experience

(1)Institute of Geology;the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China; Research fellow

(2)Chinese Science Bulletin, Science China D, Geochimica, Regional Geology of China, Progress in Precambrian Research; Magazine editor

(3)Acta Geoscientica Sinica and Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica; Chief editor

(4)Chinese Society for Mineralogy; Member

(5)Committee of Metamorphic Petrology; Director

(6)Professional Committee of Petrology, Geological Society of China; Director

(7)Compilation and Study of Metamorphic geological Map of 1:4000000 (Chinese and English, second editor

Research interests

  • the Early Precambrian Geological and Metamorphic Petrology

    the Early Precambrian Geochronology

    the Early Precambrian banded iron ore and the granulite  

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

(1) Second prize of the National Natural Science and first prize of Technical Achievement of Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources in 19880

(2) Study on Archaean Metamorphic Rocks in Mid-Southern Nel-Mongol, Early Precambrian Granulite of China (Chinese and English, both first author) and Early Precambrian Important Geological Events in North China Platform (third author) won the second prize of Technical Achievement of Ministry of Geology and Mineral9

(3) Resources respectively; paper of Some Basic Problems and Working Methods on Metamorphic Rocks (second author) won Natural Science Award in 1978

Scientific Research Projects


He has published 13 monographs, and more than 120 papers, with the representative monographs shown as follows:

Some Basic Problems and Working Methods on Metamorphic Rocks (second author), Archaean Metamorphic Volcanic-Sedimentary Rocks at yanlingguan, Shandong Province (second author),The constitution and Geological Evolution of Yishui complex in Shandong Province, Archean Metamorphic Rocks in mid-southern Nel-Mongol, Early Precambrian Granulite in China (Both Chinese and English).

The representative papers and maps are listed below: Discussion on the Classification and Nomenclature of Granulite, Further Discussion on the Classification and Nomenclature of Granulite, Archean Rock Assemblages, Episodes and Tectonic Evolution of China and Metamorphic Geological Map of 1:5000000,

Some Important Aspects in the Study of Archearn Stratigraphy, Discussion on Genesis Classification of Metamorphic Ore Deposits, Further Discussion on the New Progress in the Study of Early Precambrian Stratigraphy of China, Review on the Classification of Metamorphism Type and Suggestion of a New Tentative Classification, Some Progresses in the Study of the Lower Continental Crust Granulite Xenolith in North China Craton and South China Region and Their Geological Significance, The Tempo-spalial distribution   Geological Characteristics and Genesis of the Blue Schist Belt in China, Geological Characters, Metamorphic Ages, P-T Path and Their Settings of the Granulite in Phanerozoic Orogen, Constitution and Evolution of the Metamorphic Basement of the North China Craton.