Division of Metamorphic Rocks and Precambrian Geology

Tian Zhonghua




Details of the Faculty or Staff

Tian Zhonghua

Address: Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China

E-mail: tianzhonghua@cags.ac.cn

Telephone: 010-82998267

Mobile: 15811130352

Education Experience

Professional Experience

2013 – current  Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.; Researcher, Field geologist

Research interests

  • Meso- to small-scale structural geology, Field mapping, Fold superimposition, Fold and thrust belt, Balance cross-section restoring, Ophiolitic mélange, Structural deciphering in Accretionary and Collisional orogenesis.

    I would like to do more research on the superposed fold, and fold and thrust belt, and I also would like to do more field mapping and teach undergraduate students.  

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects

(1)Principal Investigator: Zhonghua Tian

Name: Superposed buckle folding in the Aertashi area, eastern Pamir salient, Natural Science for Youth Foundation

(2)Principal Investigator: Zhonghua Tian, Jianhui Liu, Yongsheng Dong

Name: 1to 50 000 metamorphic geolocial mapping for the Liaohe Group in the central part of Jiao-Liao-Ji Orogenic belt.China geological survey Foundation

(3)Principal Investigator: Zhonghua Tian

Name: Field geological mapping in a high-grade gneiss dome in the central part of Jiao-Liao-Ji Orogenic belt.

Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences Foundation


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