Three-dimensional Geological Survey and Research Center

Guo Lei


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Guo Lei


Address: Institute of Geology,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China


Education Experience

  • Department of Geology of Peking University, Doctor

  • 2002  Peking University, bachelor’s degree

Professional Experience

8 / 2012– present  Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

9 / 2009 – 7 / 2012  post doctorate of Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Research interests

  • Metamorphic core complex/extensional dome; regional tectonic; three-dimensional deformations; three-dimensional geological modeling; granite database foundation and mapping 

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

2015 Science and Technology Prize of Ministry of Land and Resources (ranking No.6)

2013 top 10 progresses of science and technology of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (ranking No.3)

2013 First Achievement Prize of China Geological Survey (ranking No.13) 

Scientific Research Projects

  •     (1) Second-level Project of China Geological Survey-“Application Demonstration of  Three-Dimensional Geological Survey in Southeastern Inner Mongolia” (2016-2018), Deputy Head; 

           (2) Subproject of China Geological Survey - “1/5 Ten Thousand Pilot Map Plotting for Intrusive Rocks” (2016-2018), Deputy Head; 

           (3) National Natural Science Foundation General Project - “Spatial Distribution, Transformation Process and Time Limit of Late Mesozoic Compressional-Extensional Tectonics in the Southeastern Part of the Sino-Mongolian Border” (2014-2017), presiding; 

           (4) Youth Fund of National Natural Science Foundation - “Mechanism and Time Limit of the Late Mesozoic Nappe-extensional Tectonic Regime Transition in Daqingshan and Its Adjacent Areas” (2011-2013), presiding;

           (5) 973 Subject - “Superposition Process of Okhotsk Plate Tectonic Regime and Metallogenic System” (2013-2017), participation; 

           (6) Project of Prospective Study on Marine Facies of Sinopec Group- “Study on Tectonics of the North of Upper Yangtze and Structural Conditions of Hydrocarbon Accumulation” (2006-2011), participation; 

           (7) Point Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation- “Mechanism, Time Limit and Geodynamic Setting of Tectonic Deformation of Mesozoic Crustal Thinning in the North China Craton” (2008-2011), participation; 

           (8) National Natural Science Foundation General Project - “Structural and Petrological Evidence for Late Miocene Rapid Uplift in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Relationship with Asian Climate Change” (2006-2008), participation; 

           (9) National Natural Science Foundation General Project - “A Study on the Process of the Transformation of the Mesozoic Compressional and Extensional Tectonic Regime in the Northern Margin of the North China” (2002-2005), participation; 

    (10) Special Fund for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Ministry of Education - “Continental Dynamic Process Comparison between Extensional Tectonics in the East and West of China and Their Dynamic Regime Transition” (2001-2005), participation; 

  • Publications

  •     Guo, L., Wang, T., Castro, A., Zhang, J., Liu, J., Li, J., 2012. Petrogenesis and evolution of late Mesozoic granitic magmatism in the Hohhot metamorphic core complex, Daqing Shan, North China. Int Geol Rev 54, 1885-1905.

           Guo, L., Wang, T., Zhang, J., Liu, J., Qi, G., Li, J., 2012. Evolution and time of formation of the Hohhot metamorphic core complex, North China: new structural and geochronologic evidence. Int Geol Rev 54, 1309-1331.

           Guo, L., Zhang, J., Zhang, B., 2008. Structures, kinematics, thermochronology and tectonic evolution of the Ramba gneiss dome in the northern Himalaya. Progress in Natural Science-Materials International 18, 851-860.

           Wang, T., Guo, L., Zhang, L., Yang, Q., Zhang, J., Tong, Y., Ye, K., 2015. Timing and evolution of Jurassic-Cretaceous granitoid magmatisms in the Mongol-Okhotsk belt and adjacent areas, NE Asia: Implications for transition from contractional crustal thickening to extensional thinning and geodynamic settings. J Asian Earth Sci 97, 365-392.

           Wang, T., Guo, L., Zheng, Y., Donskaya, T., Gladkochub, D., Zeng, L., Li, J., Wang, Y., Mazukabzov, A., 2012. Timing and processes of late Mesozoic mid-lower-crustal extension in continental NE Asia and implications for the tectonic setting of the destruction of the North China Craton: Mainly constrained by zircon U-Pb ages from metamorphic core complexes. Lithos 154, 315-345.

           Yang, Q., Wang, T., Guo, L., Tong, Y., Zhang, L., Zhang, J., Hou, Z., 2017. Nd isotopic variation of Paleozoic–Mesozoic granitoids from the Da Hinggan Mountains and adjacent areas, NE Asia: Implications for the architecture and growth of continental crust. Lithos 272–273, 164-184.

           Guo Lei, Li Jianbo, Tong Ying, Wang Tao, Mo Nan, Zeng Tao, Jiao Yongyan, 2015. The Identification of Early Cretaceous Baoder Extensional Granitic Dome in Sonid Left Banner, Inner Mongolia, and Its Tectonic Implications. Geological Bulletin of China, 2195-2202. 

           Guo Lei, Tong Ying, Mo Nan, Wang Tao, Jiao Yongyan, Wang Wenzhi, Zhao Hui, 2015. Zircon U-Pb Ages and Isotope Characteristics of Early Permian Granitoids in Eren Nur Area on the Southeastern Margin of Central Asian Orogenic Belt and Their Tectonic Implications. Acta Petrologica ET Mineralogica, 601-619. 

           Guo Lei, Zhang Jinjiang, Zhang Bo, 2008. Tectonic, Kinematic Characteristics, Geochronology and Evolution of Ranba Dome of the North Himalaya. Progress In Natural Science, 640-650. 

           Yang Qidi, Guo Lei, Wang Tao, Zeng Tao, Zhang Lei, Tong Ying, Shi Xingjun, Zhang Jianjun, 2014. Geochronology, Origin, Sources and Tectonic Settings of Late Mesozoic Two-stage Granites in the Ganzhuermiao Region, Central and Southern Da Hinggan Range, NE China. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 1961-1981. 

           Mo Nan, Guo Lei, Tong Ying, Wang Tao, Liu Jiang, Li Jianbo, 2014. Geochronology, Geochemistry, Hf Isotope of Xiaojinggou Pluton in the Northern Margin of North China Craton and Its Tectonic Implications. Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Unversitatis Pekinensis (Natural Science Edition), 1021-1034. 

           Li Jianbo, Guo Lei, Ouyang Zhixia, Zeng Tao, Ding Yuanjun, Zhang Ying, 2015. Strain and Kinematic Vorticity Analysis of the Liaonan Metamorphic Core Complex Ductile Detachment Zone. Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Unversitatis Pekinensis (Natural Science Edition), 1078-1090. 

           Zhang Jinjiang, Guo Lei, Ding Lin, 2002. Middle and Southern Tectonic Characteristics of Xainza-Dingjie Normal Fault System (XDNFS) and Its Relationship with the southern Tibet Detachment System (STDS). Chinese Science Bulletin, 738-743. 

           Zhang Jinjiang, Guo Lei, Zhang Bo, 2007. Structure and Kinematics of the Yalashangbo Dome in the Northern Himalayan Dome Belt, China. Chinese Journal of Geology, 16-30.

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