Li Qiusheng


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Li Qiusheng

Address: Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Baiwanzhuang Road 26, Beijing, 100037 P.R. China


Tel.: 010-57909080

Education Experience

  • 7 / 1982  Graduated from Changchun College of Geology, Geophysics.; B.S.
  • 9 / 1999  Obtained a researcher qualification
  • 3 / 2000 – 2005 department of resources engineering of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), and learned earth exploration and information technology.; Ph.D.

Professional Experience

12 / 1999 – now  Institute of Geology of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.; researcher

Research interests

  • Engaged in the study on the exploration of deep structure of earth and the dynamics of continental lithosphere in a long term

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Scientific Research Projects

(1)Hosted the completion of the wide angle reflection seismic exploration of Spring ditch-Dushanzi section in the geoscience transect (GGT) of West Kunlun-Tarim.

(2)In recent years, undertakes special projects of public welfare industry and cooperates with Russia and other five countries to prepare a 1:500 million - East Asia Moho depth map".

(3)During the period from 2008 to the project principal of deep exploration project (Sinoprobe) " observation experiment of broadband seismic and velocity study of crust mantle " (NO.: Sinoprobe-02-03). Carried out the broadband seismic observation in the Southeast coast and obtained the evidence for seismic observation of the thin lithosphere of the southeast coast of China (Tectonophysics, 2013).

(4)Obtained the crustal structure of Taiwan Strait by the method of environmental noise imaging cooperating with the TAIGER project team of the American natural foundation project. Completed the observation of broadband seismic profiling of the northeastern margin of the Tibetan plateau, and obtained the geometry image of receiving function of the lithosphere overlying the Alashan massif in Qilian orogenic belt (Ye et al.2015,EPSL).

(5)From 2012 to 2015, completed the National Natural Science Fund Project - “Observation of northern part of North China broadband seismic flow - tracing mantle traces of the closure of paleo Asian Ocean”.

At present, undertakes the project of  National Natural Science Foundation of China -  “A study on the deep process and dynamic mechanism of Mesozoic tectonic transformation in Nanling-Wuyi area, eastern of Southern China, and the application of observation of broadband dense array flow ”(2016-2019), the special project of national deep resource exploration- “Study on the fine structure and deep processes of the lithosphere in the lateral collision zone of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau (2016-2020)”, and the geological survey of Geological Bureau- "Qin hang belt and the deep geological survey of the adjacent area (Broadband seismic observation)"


Published more than 100 academic papers at home and abroad (including more than 40 as the first author and 3 as the communication author); 5 cooperative publishing works. Has guided 2 postgraduates, 2 doctoral candidates, and helped to guide several postgraduates and doctoral candidates. Won one first prize of ministerial level scientific and technological achievements and two secondary prizes. Member of the specialized committee of deep earth exploration in Seismological Society of China, and  member of the specialized committee of geophysical exploration  in Geological Society of China,