Laboratory of Isotope Geology

Zhu Xiangkun


Details of the Faculty or Staff

Zhu Xiangkun

Address: Institute of Geology of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

                                 No. 26, Baiwanzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100037


Education Experience

  • 1984  graduated, before staying at the school to teach, from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), majored in Petrology and Mineralogy of Department of Geology.; B.S.
  • 1990  obtained a master degree
  • 1996  obtained a doctoral degree

Professional Experience

   1997 – 1999  worked at the post-doctoral research station at Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

   2000 – present  worked at the Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences.

   Major social and academic part-time job: Chairman of Isotope Geology Specialized Committee, Geological Society of                                China; Guest Editor of Chinese Science Bulletin; and Editor of Journal of Mineralogy and Petrology 

Research interests

  • isotopic geochronology and isotope geochemistry.

Awards and Honors, Academic posts

Institute of Geology of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, and Director, Laboratory of Isotope Geology; Ministry of Land and Resources ;research fellow,

Scientific Research Projects

Pioneering researches have been conducted to the SIMS dating of monazite and isotopic geochronology of the high-grade metamorphic rock, the application of radiogenic isotope in environmental research, the transitional elements isotope geochemistry and celestial chemistry, and have achieved the world's leading level of results. Have published 10 papers on Science, Nature and other mainstream publications.


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      Doctoral training direction: Isotope geochemistry and celestial chemistry, including the early evolution of the solar system and the Earth, the mass fractionation mechanism of the isotope of alkaline-earth metals and transition metals, and the application of isotope techniques in environment, ocean, mineral, magmatic evolution and other aspects.

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