The 2019 Academic Workshop of the Institute of Geology was held on 13 January, 2020

Published :May 22,2020

In order to exchange and discuss the scientific and technological results obtained in 2019, the Institute of Geology held the 2019 Academic Workshop on 13 January, 2020. About 200 researchers and postgraduate students, including leaders of the Institute, attended the workshop.

      The Workshop fell into two parts: in the first part, achiever of the State Natural Science Award in 2019, Academicians HOU Zengqian, and achiever of the second-class prizes in Land and Resources Science and Technology in 2019, Senior research fellows LIU Pengju and SHI Yuruo made invited speeches, presenting their research achievements; and in the second part, 21 young talents of the institute were invited to deliver special reports concerning different research focuses. 

The Workshop was a great success and facilitated exchange and discussion of ideas and promoted the research capabilities of the Institute. The annual academic workshop has become a brand activity of the institute, which is not only involved with the older generation of geologists' devotion to China's geology, but also provides a platform for academic exchanges among the young geologists. 


 Fig. Researchers and students attending the Workshop