LI Shan was awarded the “Top-Notch Young Professional”

Published :May 22,2020

In February 2019, Associate Research Professor LI Shan was awarded the “Top-Notch Young Professional” of “National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program” by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.


 Fig. Top-Notch Young Professional, Associate Research Professor LI Shan

        Graduated with a Doctor’s Degree of Science from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences in 2013, LI Shan held a post-doctoral position at the Department of Geology of National Taiwan University during 2014-2016. He is now a tectonics associate research fellow using the petrology, tectonics, and geochemistry to understand the formation and evolution of orogen and magmatism. His tectonics research achievements include: 1) in the southern margin of the world’s largest Phanerozoic accretionary orogenic belt (Central Asian Orogenic Belt), the magmatic evolution from accretion to collision has been identified, and the granite petrogenetic model of multi-terranes soft collision established, which provides a basis for the understanding of magmatic response to the evolution from plate margin to intra-continent; 2) a provocative petrogenetic mechanism of intra-plate or intra-continental granite after multi-terranes soft collision has been proposed, which is related to the fluids released by multiple slabs, improving the understanding of the far-field effect of plate marginal geodynamics. In the past eight years, 13 SCI papers have been published by the first author, including JGR-Solid Earth, Tectonics and Earth-Science Reviews.