YANG Jingsui and colleagues co-organized and attended the 5th IGCP-649 “Diamonds and Recycled Mantle” Workshop and Field Trip (Muscat, Oman)

Published:May 22, 2020

The 5th IGCP-649 “Diamonds and Recycled Mantle” Workshop and Field Trip, which was hosted by the Sultan Qaboos University and the IGCP‐649 Organizing Committee (Academician YANG Jingsui’s team of the Institute of Geology), was held in Muscat and related areas for the field trip, Oman, from November 13-22, 2019. Drs. YANG Jingsui, ZHU Xiangkun, ZHAI Qingguo, ZHANG Jin, YAN Zhen, REN Liudong, MENG Fancong, QI Xuexiang, HE Bizhu and 11 other young geologists attended the workshop of IGCP-649 and field trip.


Fig. 1 The 5th workshop of IGCP-649 


Fig. 2 Academician YANG Jingsui, first leader of the Project, makes a speech on the progress of the Project 


Fig. 3 Prof. Sobhi Nasir lectures on the tectonic process at the field trip 


Fig. 4 Group photo of the field trip