Liu Yingchao

Published:September 6, 2017 Access Times:

Liu Yingchao, associate research fellow

Main research fields: Long engaging in the research of lead-zinc deposits in collisional orogenic process, with the research content mainly involving genesis of sedimentary rock hosted Pb Zn deposits and the regional metallogenic regularity of Tiganites giant lead-zinc metallogenic belt; the research areas mainly concentrate in Sanjiang orogenic belt of China’s Tibetan Plateau area till westward to the Zagros orogenic belt area. She has directed and participated in over 10 projects of the Natural Science Foundation of China, sub topics of 973 Program, deep earth special projects and the geological survey. In recent years, she has won 1 first class of science and technology awards of the Ministry of Land and Resources, and published more than 50 academic papers. Among them, 16 papers have been published as the first author and corresponding author.