Liu Yan

Published:September 6, 2017 Access Times:

Liu Yan, associate research fellow 


Main research fields: He focus on mineralogical characteristics and genesis mechanism of rare earth deposits and rare metal deposits; evolution of syenite and carbonatite and mineralization of rare earth; leucogranite evolution and rare metal mineralization; diagenesis and mineralization of magnesian skarn, revealing two enrichment process of the rare earth elements of carbonate type of rare earth deposit in western Sichuan; summarizing the mineralizing process and deposit formation mechanism of highdifferentiation of granite mineral deposits in W-Sn-Be in Xubaoding, Sichuan; analyzing petrogenesis and mineralization process of magnesian skarn of West Kunlun and put forward the genetic control mechanism. He has published 14 international SCI papers as the first author, graduated from excellent doctoral dissertation in Beijing (2011), winning special support for the fifth batch of postdoctoral funds, and Excellence Program of China Geological Survey, etc.