Zhang Jin

Published:September 6, 2017 Access Times:

Zhang Jin, research fellow

Telephone: 01068999687


Main research fields: Nearly 20 years of basic geological research, he has participated in over 20 projects at the national, ministerial, bureau and units. Among them, he has directed 1 project of National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects on the surface, 3 public research projects of the Central Research Institute, 4 projects of major geological survey of the Ministry of Land and Resources; 1 project of the Royal Society Wong KC Fund; meanwhile, he has participate in 2 projects as backbone of the national key basic research program (973 Program), 4 projects of major geological investigation land resources of Ministry of Land and Resources; and 1 project of the major special topics of national science and technology. Up to date, more than 110 papers have been published, among which 53 are published as the first author: 19 ones by SCI search and 4 by EI search. In collaboration with others, 65 papers have been published: 16 ones can be retrieved by SCI; 5 by EI; 2 monographs are co-authored. Mainly engaged in structural deformation and oil and gas basin research. The main research areas are Alashan, northern margin of North China, northeast margin of Qinghai Tibetan Plateau and Jiangnan orogenic belt.