Zhang Jianxin

Published:September 6, 2017 Access Times:

Zhang Jianxin, research fellow

Telephone: 010-68999723



Main research fields: 1. The metamorphism and orogenesis of the orogenic belt; 2. metamorphism, deformation and chronology of the HP/UHP metamorphic rocks; 3. tectonic evolution and metallogenic setting of the continental orogenic belt; 4. the formation of Precambrian basement and continental crust. Main research areas: Altun Mountains, Qilian Mountains, northern Qaidam Basin, Alashan and West Qinling Mountains region in western chinaHe has published more than 100 papers, among which 60 ones are of the first author and corresponding author, including 40 papers in SCI journals (including over 30 papers of the international SCI), and some of the results have been in the domestic and foreign related academic field caused a great response.