Zhai Qingguo

Published:September 6, 2017 Access Times:

Zhai Qingguo, research fellow

Telephone: 010-68999713


Main research fields: The Qinghai Tibet Plateau tectonic and geotectonic; especially focusing on the research of petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry and geochronology of ophiolite, high-pressure metamorphic rocks and related rocks, constraining the tectonic pattern and tectonic evolution of Tibetan Plateau and its adjacent area. Recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, the 9th Tibetan Plateau Youth Science and Technology Award, the 15th session of the Geology Silver Hammer of Youth Science and Technology Award. Selected into 100 Youth Geological Talents Training Program (2011) of China Geological Survey and the Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Personnel Training Plan of The Ministry of Land and Resources (2013). There are more than 50 papers published in core journals at home and abroad, among which 24 are collected by SCI, and 2 monographs are published as co-author.