Yan Zhen

Published:September 6, 2017 Access Times:

Yan Zhen, research fellow

Telephone:   68999689

Email: yannzhen@126.com


Main research fields: Orogenic sedimentology, sedimentary basin evolution and basin range coupling relationship, and types and genesis of convergent plate contact hybrid; research directions: orogenic sedimentology and prototype restoration of palaeoconvergence plate margin basins. The winner of 11th Youth Geological Science and Technology Silver Hammer Award, Geological Society of China. Directing more than 10 scientific research projects. With the results, he has won Geological Survey Achievement of China Geological Survey (ranking No. 1) and the first class of Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Land and Resources (ranking No. 2). There are more than 40 papers published in core journals at home and abroad, among which 21 are collected by SCI.