Li Qiusheng

Published:August 28, 2017 Access Times:

Li Qiusheng, research fellow

Telephone: 010-57909080 ;

Main research fields: long engaging in the research of exploration of the deep structures of the earth and the dynamics of the continental lithosphere, good at the use of artificial sources and natural sources as seismic methods. He has participated in or directed the completion of multiple projects of national natural science foundation, international cooperation projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, public industry special projects and national land and resources investigation projects. More than 100 academic papers have been published at home and abroad (in which more than 40 ones are of the first author, 3 of correspondence author, 10 ones have been included into SCI and EI) and 5 books on cooperative publishing, winning 1 first class and 2 second class of scientific and technological achievements at the ministerial level.