Jin Xiaochi

Published:August 28, 2017 Access Times:

Jin Xiaochi, research fellow

Telephone: 010-68999702


Main research fields: Engaging in study on biostratigraphy, sedimentation, and palaeogeography. The main work areas are western Yunnan and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and its surrounding areas. The research contents are mostly late Paleozoic biostratigraphy, sedimentary and palaeogeography. He has deep study on the distribution of Gondwana sediments and biology in China, the distribution and collage process of Gondwana cracking plot in the southwest of the China and the development and evolution of Tethys. He has certain study on the uplift and environmental changes of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the Tianshan Mountains in the Cenozoic and their corresponding stratigraphic and sedimentological records.