Hou Zengqian

Published:August 28, 2017 Access Times:

Hou Zengqian, research fellow & director

Telephone: 010-68990617


Main research fields:Regional metallogeny, tectono-magmatic-mineralization role; research directions: continental metallogeny, submarine hydrothermal mineralization, and magmatism in orogenic belts;

Research area: The Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the southwest Sanjiang region, and the modern seafloor. For a long time, working on ore deposits, based on the Qinghai Xizang Plateau, implements Tethys domain, systematically reveals the metallogenic mechanism of the continental collision in the Qinghai Tibet plateau, making substantial contribution to the development of metallogenic theory of continental collision. He has established the metallogenic model of collisional porphyry copper ore and developed the metallogenic theory, promoted the copper-discovery breakthrough in Gangdise belt; set up a new model of inverse thrust fold system and a new method of lead-zinc metallogenic prospecting, directed prospecting breakthrough, making the lead-zinc mine in Duocaima, Qinghai up into a super large deposit. The results are awarded 1 specialized class and 1 first class of national scientific and technological progress, 4 first class of ministerial awards. He has edited 4 international journal album, published 4 monographs in Chinese, 170 SCI papers in Geology, EPSL, Scientific, Reports, Economic, Geology and other magazines, cited 5008 times by SCI. He has been elected vice president of the International Society of Deposit Geology (SGA) and member of International Economic Geology Society (SGE), and won the SEG regional vice president's chair award for the first time as Chinese scholar.