Ding Xiaozhong

Published:August 28, 2017 Access Times:

Ding Xiaozhong, research fellow

Telephone:  010-68999675/13661139832

Email: Xiaozhongding@sina.com

Main research fields:Comprehensive study of regional geology, geological mapping and application of GIS. He has carried out the compilation and updating over the planet (Moon), intercontinental, national and regional geological map, norms and standards setting and the geological map database construction work, as well as the Jiangnan orogenic belt, East Kunlun geological survey, Tarim Basin and its periphery (Tianshan, West Kunlun) basin range coupling sedimentary tectonic response study. Responsible for and participated in more than 20 projects of national 973, 863, technology infrastructure work projects, natural science foundation and the geological survey. The main achievements include large geological maps (wall maps), Atlas, papers, monographs, database, a total of more than 100 pieces, 1 first class and 1 second class of science and technology achievement award of the Ministry of land and resources, 1 first class of excellent works of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping, 1 second class of geography science and technology progress prize.