Chen Wen

Published:August 28, 2017 Access Times:

Chen Wen, research fellow

Telephone: 010-68999757


Main research fields: Isotopic geochronology, geochronology. Research interests: (i) study on orogenic processes and uplift and denudation history of orogenic belts; (ii) study on isotope thermochronologic of metallic mineral deposit mineralizing process and uplift and exhumation process; (iii) study on an the occurrence, development and disappearance age of important palaeobiocoenotic, (taking China Mesozoic continental biota as the research object); (iv) study on tectono thermal evolution history of sedimentary basins; (v) study on methods of rare gas isotope dating and thermal geochronology technological methods. The main research areas are Xinjiang Tianshan area, Tibetan Plateau hinterland and east margin, Hebei - western Liaoning and Dabie-Jiangsu & Shandong area. He has undertaken over 20 types of scientific research projects. He has published more than 180 academic papers (including 60 plus ones as the first author and corresponding author), published 2 monographs (co-authored), won 1 first class of Scientific and Technological Achievements by the Ministry of Land and Resources.