Xiao Xuchang

Published:August 28, 2017 Access Times:

Xiao Xuchang, Academician T

elephone: 010-68999661


Main research fields: Mainly engaging in plate tectonics, ophiolite and high-pressure metamorphic belt research, systematically discussing the Qilian Mountains’s high-pressure blueschist belt for the first time, the early establishment of the Chinese complete ophiolite section, discussing the distribution characteristics of main ophiolite belt in China and its tectonic significance, playing a leading role for the Qilian orogenic belt of plate tectonics. Academician Xiao Xuchang has been involved in the field geology of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau and Xinjiang. He repeatedly went to Tibet, until now still insists on Tibet study. He presents a new understanding over some major issues such as the formation and evolution of the Tethys, Gondwana supercontinent, discrete. Academician Xiao Xuchang has published more than 50 papers and 7 monographs. He has won the National Science Conference award, 1 first prize and 2 second prizes at a provincial and ministerial level, Li Siguang Geological Science Award & Ho Leung Ho Lee Award.