Wang Haiyan

Published:September 6, 2017

Wang Haiyan, research fellow

Telephone: 010-57909015

Main research fields: Geophysics major. The main research direction is to reveal the mantle structure on the crust and the tectonic deformation style with seismic reflection and other geophysical data, to study the tectonic evolution of structural formation and dynamic mechanism. In recent years, she has implemented the research work with deep seismic reflection profile as main section combining other geophysical profile and geological data in the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, the central orogenic belt and the intersection of North and South tectonic belt region and Southern China. She has directed 3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in 3 key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China as the backbone strength, directed and participated in 6 projects of the Chinese geological survey, participated 1 project as deputy director of public industry special projects of Ministry of Land and Resources and other types of projects. Up to now, 19 papers have been published as the first author and corresponding author, including 8 papers on SCI retrieval and more than 40 papers published as co-author.